Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years and is practiced worldwide. Suction is used to gentle lift and release soft tissue, as well as drain excess fluids and toxins. Many stubborn and persistent conditions can be effectively treated with cupping. Rather than applying compression, this form of therapy uses decompression in order to positively affect the body’s systems and ailments. On top of being beneficial to the body, it is very relaxing.

What are cup marks?

Cup marks can sometimes be left on the body after a treatment. They may range from light red to purple. These marks are not bruises, but are the result of stagnant blood and toxins that have been drawn to the surface. Unlike a bruise these are not the result of damaged tissue and will not be tender. They will go away and with cumulative treatments will stop appearing at all.

Conditions Treated with Cupping Therapy

· Insomnia & general anxiety

· Tissue & joint inflammation

· Cellulite & wrinkles

· Constipation

· Poor circulation

· Sciatica

· Plantarfascitis

· Fibromyalgia

Benefits of Cupping

· Works deep tissues without discomfort

· Stimulates the nervous system

· Improved skin elasticity

· Treats aches & pains

· Lymphatic drainage

· Loosens adhesions & connective tissue

· Moves stagnation

· Increases circulation

· Clears toxins

This Service is only available with Jodi Distefano, LMT

Cupping can be added to your regular massage treatment for $10.