Adirondack Bamboo Massage

Adirondack Hot Bamboo Massage

Using warm sticks of bamboo and Swedish style strokes, Adk Hot Bamboo Massage delivers an ultimate feeling of relaxation.  Bamboo sticks of various sizes are used to push and roll along the body.  The warmth of the bamboo allows for a soothing deep tissue massage that will leave you revitalized.  You will get the same benefits of a traditional Swedish Massage plus the calming effects of heat.  This massage is vary similar to hot stone massage but at fraction of the cost.  Only $75 for a one hour Adirondack Bamboo Massage!


  • Relieves tension in muscles and tendons
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Increase cardiovascular circulation
  • Helps lymphatic circulation
  • Leaves skin feeling supple
  • Provides a more efficient deep tissue massage