Emergency / Evacuation Plan

Adirondack Holistic Health Center, LLC / Massage Works
Emergency Evacuation / Procedures Plan

In the event of fire or other catastrophic event:

  1.  Immediately notify doctor, therapists, and staff of emergency.
  2. Calmly direct patients, clients, and others to front door exit and prioritize handicapped or disabled persons to be assisted first.
  3. Instruct evacuees to exit building and assemble at parking area on other side of Newton Street.
  4. Contact appropriate authority (fire call 911).
    If trained use fire extinguisher for small fires, if unable to contain close windows and doors then exit building.

In the event of life-threatening emergency:

  1. Call “911″ for EMS support and provide all pertinent information.
  2. Administer first aid, CPR or other appropriate measures to the limit of you training and experience.
  3. Notify Dr. Loyst, Nick Bodkin (260-0432) and Glens Falls Hospital 926-1000.
    Document the event in a clear and concise manner.

In the event of a robbery or other threatening behavior:

  1. Cooperate as much as possible.
    if you are being held, run as fast as you can away from threatening person.
  2. Contact police via “911″ if possible.
  3. Remember to observe all aspect’s of person who is threatening i.e. clothing, height, weight, coloring, and other important features for later identification.
  4. Notify Dr. Loyst and Nick Bodkin as soon as possible.
  5. Document the event in a clear, concise manner.