Your first appointment

If this is going to be your first appointment you are probably a little nervous about what to expect.  Our goal at Massage Works is to take the time to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

When you come in for your first appointment you will fill out an intake form.  The intake form can be filled out ahead of time by downloading it from our website.  We use this information to plan your massage.  Since everyone is unique in their own way we want to know more about your health, job and hobbies.  knowing all of these things help your massage therapist to focus on your problem areas and give you a massage focused on your needs.

After we go over the intake form and discuss any other areas of concern your therapist will show you to the treatment room.  This is a good time to make sure that you use the rest room before we go any further.   Your therapist will explain to you how to get on the table and ask you to remove your jewelry.
The therapist will leave the room allowing you to undress to your level of comfort and get on the massage table.  Please remember to get on the table under the sheet and cover yourself up.  You are never exposed at any time.  You therapist will un-drape the area being worked and then begin massaging that specific part of your body.  Before moving on to another they will cover you back up.  If you feel like you don’t want to be massaged in certain places just let your therapist know (For example your feet or your head/ hair).

Communication is important and we ask that if you have a question, please ask us.  If your therapist is going too deep or not deep enough tell us, we can change our pressure.  Lastly your therapist will normally talk as much or as little as you talk to them.  Remember this is your time and we want to make your visit to our office as relaxing as possible.

When your massage is over your therapist will leave the room and instruct you to get dressed and meet them back in the reception.  It is important that you drink plenty of water after a massage.  The water helps flush the body of toxins that have been released by the massage while hydrating your body.

If you find that you enjoyed your time with us, please feel free to make another appointment before you leave.  If you ever have any questions, please never hesitate to ask.  We are trained professionals, and we are here to help improve your life.